March 23 Dialogue with the Deans: Wellness and Resilience

March 23 Dialogue with the Deans: Wellness and Resilience

The final Dialogue with the Deans for this academic year covered the physical and mental health of students, the provision of resources and support needed to excel, and the stigma in medicine against physician burnout, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. A brief summary is provided, and the full minutes are available below.

The Student Task Force on Wellness & Resilience presented a needs list they had compiled over the past few months.

Dr. John Hickner​, Head of Family Medicine, confirmed better privacy for medical students’ EMRs will roll out in September. He also discussed barriers to student health in Campus Care.

Dr. Samuel Grief, ​Medical Director of Campus Care, discussed the program’s billing situation and how issues are being addressed on a case-by-case basis. Students with questions can email him directly.

Dean Kathleen Kashima, ​Senior Associate Dean of Students, also talked about Campus Care and other challenges facing students looking for care.

Dr. Jennifer Duffecy,​ Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, discussed mental health services for students and the availability of an online mood management program.

Dr. Geri Fox,​ Wellness Subtheme Leader for New Curriculum and Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education, presented a draft for professional development in next year’s new curriculum. She also discussed progress in providing healthier food options in UIH hospitals.

3/23 Dialogue with the Deans – Minutes