The vice presidents mainly function in a supportive role. Responsibilities include:

  • Attending all CMSC meetings
  • Helping the other class officers accomplish their duties
  • Developing mock laboratory practical exams (M1 year only)

The plurality winner will be awarded the UIC Senate position [Article III, Section 2, subsection 5] and the plurality runner-up will be the facilities representative for each class. The President will have the power to switch the roles of the two VPs if they so wish or if the president deems as necessary.

Class Vice-Presidents

M4 Vice-Presidents: Nada Hussein, Faisal Akam

M3 Vice-Presidents: Neha Chandan, Xane Peters

M2 Vice-Presidents: Aishwarya Pastapur, Brittney Kotek

M1 Vice-Presidents: Coming Soon!