CMSC Committees

Student Committees

Student Wellness & Resilience Committee (SWRC)


Co-Chairs: Annie Nielsen ( and Akila Ally (

Special Interest/Arts/Wellness Organization

The mission of the committee is to provide social and emotional support for UIC medical students throughout their academic career and to foster a community that values student wellbeing.  This committee will work to help improve student wellness and increase resilience for medical students at UIC. SWRC will provide student input on the required wellness sessions incorporated into the medical school curriculum and organize additional programming to provide students with viable tools to tackle prevalent issues that medical students face. SWRC will serve as a point of contact for students to voice wellness concerns and to inform students of available resources. Additionally, the committee will advocate for systemic student wellness needs in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Wellness & Resilience, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), and the Office of Curricular Affairs (OCA). For more information, check out our website ( to find the name of your class’s representatives as well as list of our initiatives. We also encourage all students to review the Medical Student Healthcare Guide (

If you have any questions or comments or would like to get involved, feel free to reach out to this year’s SWRC co-chairs, Annie Nielsen ( and Akila Ally (

Student Diversity & Inclusion Committee (SDIC)

Co-Chairs: Essie Ghafoor ( and Khamillah Zimmer ( )

The mission of the SDIC is to advocate for minority students and for improved medical education concerning health equity at UICOM-Chicago by working with  administration to make institutional changes that promote a supportive and inclusive environment. It will do so by serving as a point of contact for students to voice issues related to diversity and inclusion in the College of Medicine. In addition, SDIC will work with the administration to address student concerns, improve the UICOM curriculum on issues such as social justice, health equity, unconscious biases, cultural competency, and more.

The SDIC will consist of a minimum of two individuals in each class; however, participation and membership in the committee is open to all those who are interested. SDIC will be led by a chair appointed by the executive board of CMSC before the start of each academic year. The SDIC chair will report directly to the CMSC VP of Student Life and President. The SDIC chair will be asked to regularly report out every other month at CMSC Dean’s Meetings and General Body Meetings, and will work in collaboration with the Associate Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), and Office of Curricular Affairs (OCA).

College of Medicine Committees

In addition to student committees through CMSC, there are also administrative committees to which students can be appointed. For more information on these committees, click the link above.