Be Entertained

Listen to podcasts to pass the time during the COVID-19 pandemic. I could list my favorite ones, but I’ll save myself the embarrassment. 


Instead, check out Esquire’s list of top 2020 podcasts to get your interests flowing.

Click here for a virtual session of jeopardy.

Click here for a list of 5 online options for games.


Met Opera is offering online streaming here.

“The CSO Radio Broadcast Series brings unparalleled live performances to thousands of listeners every week.

The series features live concert performances by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, recorded in Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center, alongside selections from the Orchestra’s expansive catalog of commercial recordings. Every program is designed to illustrate fascinating stories found inside the music as well as present insights from the performers themselves.”

Free Broadway hits are now streaming every Sunday and still available after the initial stream. Check the musicals already posted and upcoming streams.