Rahul Kataria


The secretary of CMSC is responsible for maintaining and organizing documents and information on behalf of the CMSC executive board.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining a contact list for all voting and nonvoting members
  • Recording the minutes of each meeting
  • Distributing agendas, prior meeting minutes, and other documents to all members
  • Ensuring distribution of CMSC reports to each class
  • Maintaining a collection of all pertinent CMSC reports
  • Updating and maintaining the calendar for student organizations and committees.

The secretary will also be responsible for reserving a room for each general body meeting. The secretary will be responsible for organizing a Dialogue with the Deans event at the discretion of the CMSC board when there is a substantial matter that the student body needs to discuss.

The Secretary is also required to attend general body meetings and CMSC executive meetings.