Interactive tours with the Art Institute are posted on their website.

A digital art gallery regarding expressions of clinician well-being can be found here

Virtual tours of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation using Google can be found here.

Hoekten Internal is a journal of medical humanities with online resources ranging from art and history to ethics and anthropology.

Google has a feature which allows you to look at and learn about art around the world.

Take a (Virtual) Hike on Catalina Island Conservancy’s vimeo page.

The Frick Collection is a New York museum internationally recognized as a premium museum and research center with many Old Master paintings and European sculptures which now has virtual exhibits. If you ever wanted to walk around an European museum, this is a great intro with many different artists and styles.

The Kremer Museum has been taking the museum to the people instead of asking people to come to a museum for some time and we can all now take the time to enjoy this purely virtual museum and the concepts it represents.