Student Curricular Board

Welcome to the UICOM Student Curricular Board (SCB) Website!

The Student Curricular Board (SCB), formerly known as the Student Education Team (SET) and originally designed by Dean Hyderi and student leaders, is a unique student-led organization at UIC College of Medicine that allows medical students direct access and participation in curricular change. Designed initially to provide individual course feedback to faculty, SCB has worked to design a system that looks not only at individual courses, but also the interplay of courses within an academic year and across all years of medical training.

SCB is an organization operating in collaboration with the Chicago Medical Student Council (CMSC) and Office of Curricular Affairs (OCA). SCB’s primary role lies in curricular feedback, as members evaluate the clarity of course content and objectives, sequencing and design, teaching effectiveness, and appropriateness of assessment methods in addition to its new roles in curricular enhancement.

Becoming a member of SCB will serve as a unique learning opportunity for medical student leaders as they gain a thorough understanding of medical education and curriculum, how to handle various curricular issues, and ultimately become a better student and teacher.

If you are interested in learning more about SCB, or are from another institution seeking to adopt a similar structure, our SCB members would be happy to help! Check out our “SCB Executive Board” page for updated contact information for our SCB student leaders. Thanks!

SCB org flow

Current Members

Students are encouraged to reach out to their course representatives with feedback about the curriculum.


Sneha Adusumilli Blocks 3 and 6
Suffia Alvi Blocks 3 and 6
Jacqueline Kieltyka Blocks 2, 5, and 1
Raj Patel Blocks 2, 5, and 1
Louis Darkwa Blocks 4 and 7
Sean Lai Blocks 4 and 7
Margaret Kliebhan Synthesis (including Block 8)
Tarun Yandamuri Synthesis (including Block 8)
Pal Shah Medical Colloquia
Ange Uwimana Medical Colloquia
Zayd Ahmed DoCS & Transition to Clerkships
Lubna Ziauddin DoCS & Transition to Clerkships


  • M3 Clinical Reps
    Salmah Abdulbaseer
    Earl Chism
    Joe Geraghty
    Marina Lentskevich
    Joyce Liu
    Zoie Sheets
    Taylor Tso
    Taylor Vandenberg
    Catherine Wang
    Cary Wright


  • M4 Clerkship Reps
    Divya Singh Internal Medicine
    Natalie Meeder Internal Medicine
    Rong Hu Pediatrics
    Airiel Bouie Surgery
    Leah Butler Obstetrics/Gynecology
    Katie Cushing Psychiatry
    Brian Choi Family Medicine
    Ajit Augustin Neurology

Curricular Projects Team

Yash Bhatia
Alex Zhang
Joyce Liu
Ryan Yang
Cary Wright
Taylor Tso
Katie Lee
Anjeli Manam
Ruby Chien
Catherine Wang
Jinhee Kim
Raj Gurtatta
Alondra Diaz
Kevin Cao
Sofia Yunez
Xia Liu
Bingtao Xiang
Elana Gordy

Executive Board

Congrats to the new SCB E-Board for Academic Year 2021-2022!

Head of SCB – David Lim

M1/M2 (Phase 1) Chair – Raj Patel

M3/M4 (Phase 2/3) Chair – Sophie Gough

Curricular Progress Chair – Ruby Chien, Sean Lai