Curricular Progress Chair


Ruby Chien and Sean Lai,

The Curricular Progress Chair serves as the lead for long-term curricular goals based off of student feedback in order to ensure continuous curricular improvement.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend College Committee on Instruction & Appraisal (CCIA) monthly meetings
  • Appoint task force leaders and committee representatives for all UIC-COM academic committees in consultation with VP Curriculum
  • Assume the responsibilities of the Head of Student Curricular Board (SCB) in their absence
  • Form and dissolve focus groups related to particular topics regarding the Fall of 2017 Curricular Transformation as well as any other long-term initiatives
  • Oversee and participate in student feedback regarding LCME accreditation and visits

The Curricular Progress Chair is also expected to attend SCB Executive Board meetings, CCIA Overall meetings, assist with SCB Interviewing, and meet with focus groups, task force, and committee representatives, as needed.