M1/M2 (Phase I) Chair

Raj Patel


The M1/M2 (Phase I) Chair serves as the lead for managing the M1 and M2 course liaisons as well as identifying any issues that come up across individual courses and years.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Receive updates from Course Liaisons twice per semester describing meetings with course directors and any issues that have come up including changes made to courses
  • Handle any issues that come up in M1 and M2 courses that require notification of multiple course directors, OCA, or Curriculum Deans
  • Assist in M1 orientation to SCB
  • Serve as Co-Chair of the application and interview process for new SCB members
  • Read course reports and identify any issues that come up across multiple courses or years within the curriculum
  • Attend monthly Chicago M1/M2 Curriculum Subcommittee meetings

The M1/M2 Chair is also expected to attend SCB Executive Board meetings, assist with SCB Interviewing, attend M1/M2 Subcommittee meetings, and meet with course liaisons.