M3/M4 (Phase II/III) Chair

Sophie Gough


The M3/M4 (Phase II/III) Chair serves as the lead for designing and implementing an organized student feedback system for the M3 and M4 years.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Work in conjunction with curricular deans, clerkship directors, and OCA to identify issues in the M3 and M4 years and create solutions
  • Attend monthly M3/M4 Curriculum Subcommittee meeting and participate in formal elective reviews

The M3/M4 (Phase II/III) Chair is also expected to attend SCB Executive Board meetings, M3/M4 Subcommittee meetings, assist with SCB Interviewing, and meet with development teams, OCA/Curricular Deans, and Clerkship Directors, as needed.

(Note: Must be M3/M4 student)