Get Involved


All members of SCB should be interested and enthusiastic about improving medical education at UIC-COM. SCB is looking for any student looking to get involved on campus, who enjoys collaborating with faculty and administration on curricular issues, as well as serving as a student leader on campus. No specific experience is necessary, although previous experiences will help influence student appointments. OCA and OSA reserve the ability to review the student’s academic record and university debt status to determine eligibility to serve on committees and leadership applications.


Executive Positions

Executive board positions will be selected during the Spring semester. The VP Curriculum is an elected member of the CMSC executive board chosen by the student body. Following the election of VP Curriculum via CMSC elections, applications will be accepted for the four SCB Chair positions, which will then be selected by the previous year’s SCB and CMSC boards.

Once elected, if at any time during the course of his/her term the representative is no longer able to fulfill his/her obligations, they must notify the CMSC VP Curriculum immediately so that a temporary or permanent replacement can be made.


Student Positions

The SCB Executive Board will work in collaboration with CMSC and other SCB members in interviewing and appointing the course liaisons and committee representatives at the beginning of the Fall semester each year.  Most positions will be a co-appointment, meaning that a single individual will serve as a course liaison as well as a committee representative for a specific curriculum committee.  For committee representatives, one of the two students will additionally be recognized as the “voting member” for that committee while the other individual will serve as a voting member in their absence, although both individuals are expected to attend. All other non-executive positions will also be appointed at this time, but may also be formed and dissolved on an as-needed basis.

For course representative appointments, individuals will be assigned to one of six “Tracks,” each of which involves a minimum two-year commitment to serving as a course liaison for course(s) within the M1 and M2 years. Those who receive a curriculum committee representative position are expected to serve in this role for all four years of medical training.

Track M1 Courses(s) M2 Course
2 Synthesis Synthesis
3 Medical Colloquia Medical Colloquia
4 Blocks 2 & 5 Block 1

(serving for the incoming M1’s)

5 Block 3 Block 6
6 Block 4 Block 7

Once appointments have been made for the academic year, there will be an orientation session held by SCB Executive Board, OCA, and the Associate Dean for Curriculum where students will gain access to the SCB Blackboard page, receive all information and documentation needed for their position, receive mentorship from older students, and meet in cohorts to discuss various curricular initiatives. During this time students will also receive training in the basic principles of program evaluation, curriculum design, and how to provide quality and effective feedback. During this orientation, members will receive a Statement of Academic Eligibility Form (SAEF) that they will sign in addition to the Head of SCB and their OSA advisor.