Maintaining Good Standing

ALL Student Curricular Board (SCB) members are expected to attend SCB Orientation and the bimonthly Curricular Town Halls (total of 4-5 per year).

Any absences must be reported to the corresponding SCB chair or VP Curriculum, preferably prior to missing the meeting. For students on administrative and curricular committees, he or she is expected to contact the other student member assigned to the committee and notify them of their absence.  Absences will be recorded by the SCB Executive Board and the OCA administrative contact and deemed excused or unexcused

Excused absences are determined at the discretion of the SCB Executive Board and OCA; however, generally will include: out of state/country (ie, on an away rotation), mandatory school or clerkship activity (ie, taking an exam, attending orientation), death of family member, illness, unforeseen emergency, or other extenuating circumstances.

Minimum attendance for SCB members involves attending no less than ½ of SCB meetings for a given year in order to be a member in good standing at the end of the year. Failure to attend ½ of the meetings, whether excused or unexcused, will require review by SCB Executive Board and OCA to determine the member’s eligibility to continue in their position.

Members who are not in good standing may not be permitted to continue serving in their position in the future and will not be recommended to OSA to have their position included on their Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE, or Dean’s Letter) for residency applications.

Attendance at CMSC General Body Meetings and Dialogue with the Deans is also strongly encouraged, and SCB members are expected to attend a minimum of one meeting of each per year.