MSPE Recognition

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), formerly referred to as the “Dean’s Letter,” is an evaluation of a medical student’s performance that describes his or her performance compared to peers, throughout all of medical school, and includes an assessment of academic performance, professional attributes, and noteworthy characteristics.

All SCB positions are eligible for formal recognition in the MSPE following determination of good standing by the SCB Executive Board, OCA, and the Associate Dean for Curriculum. Members must have been part of SCB for a minimum of two years and/or have made significant contributions to SCB and improving curriculum at UIC-COM, as determined by SCB executive board, OCA, OSA, as well as course directors and faculty.

Students involved with SCB deemed eligible for MSPE Recognition will be recommended by the SCB Executive Board to OSA for demonstrating exemplar student leadership as well as service and commitment to the student body. Following approval from OSA and OCA, participation in SCB will be recognized in the MSPE.