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Primary Care and Mental Health Services

Campus Care – Internal health insurance option run through the University of Illinois. All students at UIC have free access to basic primary care services provided by the Department of Family Medicine that comes from student health fees, but for full coverage can enroll in Campus Care. For more information on Family Medicine offerings for students, see their website here. To see specialists, you typically need a referral. Medical students who want an alternative to Campus Care are eligible for Medicaid. Find out if you qualify here.

Any questions should be directed to the Director of Campus Care, Dr. Samuel Grief, directly at sgrief@uic.edu.

There are generally three options available for mental health services:

  • Counseling CenterThis is the most commonly used mental health service for students.  Every UIC student gets 20 sessions included in their student fees per degree.
  • Department of PsychiatryThe department has several clinical psychologists that can provide mental health care to students. To request an appointment, please call 312.996.2200.
  • Office of Applied Psychological Services (OAPS)You can also be seen by late-stage clinical psychology trainees on the east campus as well

In the event of an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the UIH Emergency Room located at 1740 W Taylor St, or call 312.996.7298.

Women’s Leadership and Resource Center

A safe space for women providing a number of resoucres from child care to domestic and sexual abuse and assault services.

Companion App

Have a friend or family member walk you home virtually with this handy app.

Other Important Links

UIC Police
Wellness Center
Gender & Sexuality Center
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Suicide Hotline

U and I Care Program


Red Car

A safe ride home or to your car from campus after 11pm.

Intercampus Bus
Car Rental Service
UIC Shuttle Tracker
UIC Parking Services

Legal Services

Student Legal Service

A law office at UIC that provides legal advice and representation to students. Services cover landlord/tenant issues, auto accidents, divorce and more.

UIC Veterans Affairs

Student Veterans Affairs at UIC provides caring and personalized support to UIC undergraduate and graduate student veterans.

Student Ombuds Service

A student-centered group that offers support, advocacy, and resources that contribute to student success.

Student Advocacy Services

Whether you are dealing with issues of crime victimization, safety and security, health emergencies, family issues, or interpersonal concerns, we are here to advocate for your needs.

External Resources

Kevin MD

“Social media’s leading physician voice” from Kevin Pho, MD and multiple other authors throughout the field.

What’s Going On In Chicago?

Events, Restaurants, and Music for your study breaks and stay-cations.


Five minute insights from leaders in the community.

The OSA Insider Podcast

A podcast about medical student life and the journey to becoming a physician by the University of Maryland School of Medicine.


Cooking for Yourself in Medical School and Residency, By Mary Brandt, MD

You CAN cook and eat healthy in medical school.

7 Best Food Blogs for Eating on a Budget



Financial Information Resources Services and Tools (FIRST) offered by AAMC.

Suze Orman

A well-known financial adviser with a wealth of information and great free resources.

National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS)

Find your current federal student loans including the servicer, interest rate, status and more.

Electronic Budgeting Resources:

Mint by Intuit – Connects to the accounts you choos accounts, creat monthly budget, shows spending real time
You Need A Budget– Downloadable software (one time $60), you manually enter monthly budget and spending


Campus Housing

For those who want to roll out of bed and into class.

For Websites for the Apartment Search: