Vice-President of Communications

Hesham Tanbour

  • overseeing the eight (8) total representatives chosen to represent each Class Board at UMSC and the two (2) HPSC representatives
  • serving as the editor-in-chief of the quarterly CMSC newsletter, The Medical Messenger, in tandem with other members of the CMSC executive board
  • moderating and optimizing the U of I College of Medicine Slack workspace
  • working with the Webmaster for strategic messaging on the CMSC website and social media pages (Facebook and Instagram)
  • leading other communications-related projects including but not limited to creating and administering surveys, planning college-wide announcements
  • creating marketing material for prospective students, onboarding M1s to Slack, and increasing visibility of campus resources
  • complying with the HPSC, UMSC and Senate constitutions in order to designate proper proxies and coordinate attendance to all of the meetings
  • attending the first meeting of the academic year for HPSC, UMSC and the Senate in order to establish a relationship with each body

Thereafter, it will be at the discretion of the vice-president to create a reliable system of communication between all representatives.

The Vice-President of Communications is also required to attend general body meetings and CMSC executive meetings.”